Practical information to identify and manage non-native, invasive plants and animals
The Quiet Invasion:
A Guide to Invasive Species of the Galveston Bay Area
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Prohibited in Texas These species of plants and animals cannot be imported, sold, or intentionally distributed by individuals without a permit.
Species of Concern While these species are not prohibited in the State of Texas, their potential to cause negative ecological or economic impacts is a concern to scientists and resource managers.

Noxious Plant (Texas Department of Agriculture) These species are classified by the TDA as having “serious potential to cause economic or ecological harm to the state”. They cannot be sold, distributed or imported into the State of Texas in any live form unless permitted by TPWD or TDA.

Prohibited Exotic Species (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) These species are legally classified in Texas as exotic, harmful, or potentially harmful. No person may import, possess, sell, or place these species into state waters except as authorized by a rule or permit issued by the TPWD.

US Department of Agriculture Quarantine USDA quarantine areas are established to stop the spread of invasive pests by restricting the movement of materials (soil, wood, and plant products) that may be infested by invasive pest species.

- Complete list of USDA Plant Pests
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